Be a Bob

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Brand & Design / Communications

Not everyone can leave a $10 million gift to the community like Bob Steane, but we can all “Be a Bob” in spirit – donating funds or volunteering time to support our local communities. Our strategic mix of earned, paid and social media supported by a digital and out-of-home raised additional dollars for the foundation while honouring the contribution of a beloved community leader.

“The ‘Be a Bob’ campaign was created in partnership with Royal University Hospital Foundation, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation and the Saskatoon Community Foundation under the visionary leadership of Creative Fire. This campaign commanded a presence in our city. It brought awareness to the generosity and call to action of the late Bob Steane, was adaptable to the needs of each organization and has proven a existence beyond what we ever expected.”

Paige Gignac, Royal University Hospital

“The ‘Be a Bob’ Campaign was a tremendous success due in no small part to the strategy and creative direction provided by Creative Fire. The ‘Be a Bob’ slogan was clever and memorable, and the line art image created from our photo of Bob was respectful and made the campaign instantly recognizable. We still have people stopping by our Foundation office months after the event asking for a ‘Be a Bob’ button. That’s a hallmark of a successful campaign!”

Lecina Hicke, CEO, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation