Celebrating Indigenous entrepreneurship 

Business Development Bank of Canada 
Communications Strategy

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) decided to use a paid ad in the Fall 2022 issue of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’ magazine to celebrate the achievements of one of their Indigenous clients. 

On behalf of BDC, we had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie and Lloyd Antoine, owners of A.P.E Group, a heavy-equipment repair shop and leading industrial maintenance provider in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  

The outcome of the interview was a 400-word article that captured the authentic voices of two highly successful Indigenous entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to share their story, with the hopes of aspiring others to follow in their footsteps. They shared their beliefs, advice and lessons learned along the way, and expressed their appreciation for the services and support received from our client BDC. 

Article published in the Fall 2022 issue of the Aboriginal Business Report (Page 44).  

“This is an incredible story and it encompasses many characteristics and beliefs shared by Indigenous entrepreneurs! Outstanding job!”

– Monica James, Regional Manager – Client Diversity – Indigenous Entrepreneurs 

“Love the story, the writing and can’t wait to share and reshare!! Terrific work.”

– Claudine Pilon, Senior Advisor – External Communications