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We work with global leaders and local entrepreneurs. We work with people and companies with a story to tell and an understanding that telling it well can help their business grow.

And in 2015, we began a new relationship and a new era. By entering a partnership with Des Nedhe Development, we can bring greater insights into the relationships between industry and First Nations.

Through our new partnership, we have a greater ability to help our clients share their stories with First Nations; develop mutually beneficial partnerships; and recruit from a growing and ambitious pool of talent.

And we’re helping First Nations build relationships with industry; develop brands and businesses that serve the needs of their customers and communities; and create the economic strength to remain proud and independent.

We believe this reflects the future of Canadian business, where success will be achieved through collaboration between industry and First Nations.

A partnership full of pluses.


Through our partnership with Des Nedhe Development, we gained insight and experience that can help industry and First Nations build a brighter future.

Sean Willy

Des Nedhe

An Indigenous business leader with a 20-year career in the resource industry Sean knows the literal and figurative roads that lead to stronger ties between corporations, communities, Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners.

Jamie Dickson

Des Nedhe

Jamie wrote the book on duty to consult. Literally. Published in 2015, Jamie’s legal opinion on this area will be the go-to manual for relationships in the resource sector.

Why us?

Ready. Aim. FIRE.

A business needs more than a plan. It needs a communication plan.

By facilitating meetings with boards, executive management, entrepreneurs and employees, we help you develop strategies to bring your dreams to life – and your organization to its stakeholders.

We’re on fi-yuh!

Good times. You’re growing. You see opportunity. You need to recruit, train and retain the best people.

We help you tell your story – to customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Uh-oh. FIRE.

Things are blowing up. Literally.

We work with clients on issues management, crisis communications, media training and media relations – sometimes quietly and confidentially, long in advance of the day disaster strikes; other times when the battle rages in the headlines.