100% Indigenous owned and purpose driven

Creative Fire is 100%-owned by Des Nedhe Group, the economic development arm of English River First Nation.

Our Goals:
Provide value to our clients; create prosperity, employment and opportunity for the community of English River; open doors for more Indigenous people and companies; and to have a positive impact in our communities.

We have brought together thought leaders and industry experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a team that is as diverse as the projects we work on.

Our Credo

We believe that great communication inspires change. 
Communication is a bridge between peoples, across borders, and among generations; it is fundamental to building lasting relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Communication inspires groundbreaking transformation and connection and is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in the power of collaboration.
We actively work to foster a spirit of partnership with our clients, suppliers, employees and communities; we always seek first to understand the point of view of others, then to deepen trust through authentic, transparent connection.

We believe in the dignity of all peoples.  
We are committed to inclusion and the principles of Reconciliation, and to bridging gaps of understanding and opportunity that will lead to greater self-determination, wealth, and wellbeing for Canadian Indigenous peoples and communities.

We believe the work we do now shapes future generations.  
We know that our work can shape future generations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadian peoples.

We believe in quality in all things.
We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients. We strive to understand their needs from all angles and offer informed insights and expert solutions that exceed expectations. We are always professional, accessible and accountable for our work.

We believe in our employees.
We look to hire and motivate exceptional talent from all races and backgrounds. We are committed to building a rich, inclusive company culture, to developing the unique talents of each member of our team, and to inspiring our people to do remarkable and meaningful work.

Catalyzing change

We believe in building a more diverse, inclusive Canada, and are particularly focused on creating meaningful local impact and fostering authentic engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and organizations.

This purpose infuses everything we do – from our work with clients to our own practices as a company. Ours is a story of reconciliation in action that we work to extend beyond our walls to our clients, partners, communities, and Canada as a whole.

What we can help you with

  • Indigenous engagement and partnerships
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Strategic communications
  • Research and data analytics
  • Brand development
  • Design and content development
  • Web development and social/digital media

“One of the most unique value propositions we have is we run a best-in-class agency that just happens to be Indigenous. You have that choice of working and partnering with an Indigenous agency that has purpose and generates prosperity, employment and supplier opportunities with our Indigenous communities and partners” 

– Leanne Hall, CEO of Creative Fire.

Industry and engagement

Engagement is about more than understanding sentiment and communicating your messages. It is about listening and building an understanding of needs and concerns, developing respect and trust, identifying opportunities for partnership and participation, and finding ways forward that work for all stakeholders. This is what we help communities and organizations do.

For 20 years, we have helped build understanding and connections between organizations and communities across Canada. We have delivered engagement strategies, communications plans and creative solutions for global leaders, particularly in the mining and energy sectors. Our integration with the Des Nedhe Group, which includes companies in construction, logistics, transportation and more, adds an invaluable layer of real-life experience and knowledge to our strategic insights


Key industries

  • Nuclear energy and SMRs
  • Energy production (hydro, renewables)
  • Mining and resources
  • Financial institutions
  • Public sector – major projects


See how we’re creating change:
2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Invested in our communities

We are passionate about making a difference in our own communities and the communities where our clients operate their businesses. This goes beyond a philosophical commitment. We are driven to create meaningful and measurable change and continuously track our engagement and involvement with an eye to having greater impact.