Featured in Global News: Helping Human Resource Groups Develop Reconciliation Action Plans

Creative Fire caught the attention of Global News during a co-facilitated workshop to help employers create Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) in Saskatoon.  

These workshops were delivered at the Workforce Forward Saskatoon summit held at TCU Place by Haleigh King, Director of ESG, Sustainability, and Reconciliation Action Plans, and Carol Crowe, Indigenous Engagement Consultant, while sharing their expertise in working with leaders and decision makers to create RAPs. 

During the summit, our team led presentations aimed to educate human resource professionals about the importance of RAPs and how to create them. They emphasized that RAPs are more than just a statement of commitment. They are comprehensive action plans that include specific goals, identify areas of accountability, and measure progress towards Reconciliation.  

Carol also shared her experiences as an Indigenous Engagement Consultant and her Indigenous perspective on working with organizations of all backgrounds and cultures. She stressed that authentic relationships are critical to creating successful RAPs. Understanding the history and context of Indigenous peoples is essential to forming those relationships.  

Reconciliation Action Plans are an ongoing process that require commitment, resources, and time. It is critical to understand that relationships take time, and there will likely be important lessons learned along the way. 

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