Creating dialogue through web design for the Rainy River and New Afton mine sites 

New Gold
Brand & Design

New Gold wanted to provide up-to-date information about two of its operations to investors, stakeholders and employees, and engaged Creative Fire to design the microsites. We were in the process of redesigning New Gold’s Corporate website, so we were able to make the design, style and function consistent, while adding new ways to communicate to and with visitors. The result was a new channel of information sharing for the Rainy River and New Afton mine sites. 

Rainy River and New Afton microsites
Rainy River website


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New Afton website


Custom WordPress Theme
Light weight theme that maximizes performance.

Custom Blocks
Custom WordPress blocks allow for a refined design while avoiding the use of 3rd party plugins. This keeps the site more secure and makes it easier to maintain in the future.