Karan Brar

Junior Consultant

Karan is a student of Anthropology and Energy Sciences at the University of Calgary. He is completing an internship with Creative Fire’s Nuclear Sector. 

“The team at Creative Fire offers real-life context to every textbook situation I have encountered. This experience is a great way to kick off my career and fuel my work at the university.”

Karan is an outstanding academic achiever. He contributed to the paper “Historical Analysis of Mythic Discourse on Nuclear Science and Technology”. He then presented the research findings at the Canadian Nuclear Society Conference. 

He developed a passion for the power of nuanced engagement and the implementation of new energy technologies through both academic and lived experiences. Enthralling courses like Science in Society mixed with experiences like traveling abroad led Karan to become a leader in navigating our collective energy future. 

Engagement, especially when introducing clean technology, is not one-size-fits-all. Karan brings a diversity of thought to support tailored plans that meet our clients’ localized needs. His person-first approach builds bridges for information to travel, empowering communities’ voices.

“As we [Creative Fire] grow, we bring the voices of our community with us.”