CBRE takes a big next step in its Reconciliation journey

indigenous women in regalia

In April 2022, CBRE released its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – a commitment to active engagement with Indigenous peoples and communities for a more diverse and equitable workplace. In this follow-up article, CBRE outlines its key objectives and shares some of the steps the company is taking with the help of its RAP. CBRE’s Global Workplace Solutions Leader, Ryan Clayton, said, “There’s an incredible opportunity to leverage the business and the spend we manage on behalf of clients to support Indigenous communities. Whether it’s through the hiring of subcontractors, the development of partnerships, or the training and hiring of people for our own business.”

Visit the Des Nedhe Institute’s Reconciliation at work page to learn more about RAPs, or contact us to talk about how a RAP contributes to a company’s Reconciliation journey.