107 Calls to Economic Prosperity

NIES 2022

The National Indigenous Economic Strategy For Canada 2022 was released this week, with 107 interconnected Calls to Economic Prosperity as outlined by its authors, representing over 25 Indigenous organizations. Within its four strategic pathways (People, Lands, Infrastructure and Finance), the Strategy highlights the importance of fostering and growing the social capital of Indigenous peoples, specifically in Call to Economic Prosperity #29 – that all entities establish Reconciliation Action Plans “that are measurable and communicated publicly”. It’s just one aspect of a much broader effort to strengthen the linkages between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and ensuring Indigenous Peoples see themselves as valued parts of the economy.  

The Strategy is designed for every organization and corporation in Canada – regardless of size – as well as Indigenous entities and communities. We see the Strategy as further evidence of the need for Reconciliation Action Plans as the standard – a baseline commitment by all companies in the land we now call Canada. We have worked with many companies to enhance their corporate Indigenous strategies – to be transparent about the actions they are going to take to further economic Reconciliation through Reconciliation Action Plans.  

The time was long ago to take up Call to Action #92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report, the call specifically to corporate Canada to embark on meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, ensure equitable access to economic opportunities, and educate their employees about Indigenous history.  Now, it’s up to all organizations to support the pathways to socioeconomic parity for Indigenous Peoples by reading, sharing and living up to this Strategy.