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Federal Strategy

Policy planning and priority-setting. Budget and election cycles. Knowing how Ottawa works is key to getting messages and priorities heard. And, knowing when to bring issues and opportunities to the table for consideration is just as important. With ears to the ground, and eyes on the horizon, our team works with clients in all sectors to build federally-focussed strategies to promote their interests and concerns.

On the Hill

Where to go, and who to meet, are big challenges for everyday community and business leaders who have a message to communicate in Ottawa. Our team knows how to navigate the halls of Parliament and connect with officials and decision-makers involved in government priority setting. Together, we can help you plan and prepare for productive meetings that make the most of your day on the Hill.

GR Communications

We take back-of-the-napkin ideas and turn them into creative and compelling advocacy packages to engage policy- and decision-makers at all levels. Equipped with polished messages and presentation materials – and a federal strategy to focus your efforts – you will be able to advocate effectively for the interests of your business or community.