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Brand Consultation

Everyone strives to be the best. But, how do we really know if we are hitting that mark? Our stakeholder relationships can be one of the best tools to identify trends and challenges. More and more, organizations are seeking feedback to understand the views of those who have a vested interest to support us.

Our team can help you gauge perceptions and attitudes, track needs and expectations, evaluate actions, and/or establish brand values and positioning of your organization as seen by others. The contribution of stakeholder engagement can go a long way to inform your allocation of resources – and a create goodwill with your biggest supporters – by showing them that they matter.

Strategy Facilitation

Dreaming big is what makes our projects, and organizations, exciting! Our skilled team will bring together your key contributors and illuminate those bright minds by focusing on the things that really matter. By using creative tools and pre-facilitation planning, we help you and your team create clarity, set priorities and build a plan that is practical, implementable and easily managed and monitored.

No matter how big, or small – we have the expertise to help you achieve your vision.

Virtual Facilitation

Globalization is changing the way we do business. Stakeholders are becoming more diverse and markets are reaching further than ever before. Technology is the conduit that brings the world to our front door.

Time and cost shouldn’t limit the potential for growth or collaboration. Our Virtual Facilitation services provide the tools our clients need to connect to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We combine traditional facilitation techniques with the latest virtual collaboration tools to support multi-site participation including live online voting, document sharing, back-channel private communication and in-the-moment IT support. From Kindersley to Tokyo and anywhere in between we help our clients connect, communicate and compete.