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Brand Audit

It started with a few rolls of tape and print samples from every corner of FCL. From there, we conducted a visual audit of the company’s style, tone and approach to communications, looking for common threads and themes. What we found were the core elements of Co-op’s brand and the makings of a go-forward plan to update the company’s visual identity.

Brand Strategy

We polished up the iconic Co-op Shield and created a set of identity guidelines to consistently apply Co-op’s visual brand across its facilities, retails, product lines, and member communications. We also took a deep dive into Co-op’s history and Western Canadian co-operative values – arriving at a new way to tell Co-op’s story to a new generation of members, customers and employees.


Because great brands grow from the inside out, employees and retail co-operatives were the first to see and experience Co-op’s updated brand. The roll out of the program continued across the West – incorporated into the design of Co-op’s newest stores and facilities and embedded in promotions and communications targeting customers in local communities.