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Home. The power of home, connectedness and family drew me back to Saskatchewan. After a year of living back and forth between Ottawa and Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, I knew I wanted to return to my roots, but a decision to come back required an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful, positive way.

Much of my career has been spent working as an advisor to a variety of leaders – in federal politics, in Indigenous politics, in education and industry. Most recently, I spent an invigorating, pressure-filled, exciting year in the office of the Indigenous and North Affairs as a special advisor to the Honourable Minister Carolyn Bennett.

As I pondered returning to Treaty 6, I knew it required me to share what I had learned about communicating, sustaining healthy relationships and the value of taking risks. As a strategist at Creative Fire, I’ll be able to bring those experiences to others interested in pursuing new opportunities.

In my view, the discussion of reconciliation is like an open door. Over the course of the past few years, there has been so much talk about reconciliation and the exciting part for me is there is so much space to create it.

It reminds me of a scene from the movie Armageddon: “I am 98% scared and 2% excited or 98% excited and 2% scared. That’s what makes it so intense.”

So here I am. Home. Accepting a position Creative Fire was an easy decision: a business that is Indigenous owned, a business that strives to be bold and encourage boldness, a business that shares stories, a business that recognizes the value of reconciliation.

I am energized by the opportunities, by the unknown and comforted by being home in a new dynamic environment. I look forward to sharing my journey.