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Mistakes happen. You might forget to finish an email before sending or misspell your clients name. It happens. You fix the mistake and move on.

But what if you accidentally tweet your name when searching on Twitter? Embarrassment? Sure. A nationally celebrated day? Of course! Because in the world of social media, yesterdays mistake can become todays trending topic.

Ed Balls, the former UK Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, had a Twitter gaffe that went viral. In 2011, while looking for an article that mentioned his name on Twitter, he accidentally tweeted his own name out to his followers. What seemed like a simple mistake became a viral sensation, having been retweeted 71,000 times since the incident.

Ed Balls

Now, you might think that this joke would slowly go away and the Twitterverse would forget about #EdBallsDay. But that is not the case.

Ed Balls embraced his Twitter error and began to play along. And even though he no longer serves in government, the UK still remembers. In a London subway station, riders were greeted with an ad to commemorate this occasion: never forget #EdBallsDay.


So mark April 28 in your calendars and don’t forget that your smallest social media mistakes can become viral sensations.