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In the 1990s, after 30 years of informal Indigenous exclusion, some attention was given to this gap in democracy.

Elections Canada put some thought into polling stations and other processes to get the Indigenous Vote out. While it was a weak attempt, some progress was made.

Indigenous participation has been increasing over the last decade or so and various political parties have noticed this. However, I feel that today, there is a clear attempt to step backwards and actively prevent Indigenous Peoples from voting. (Google this topic and you will find some good information.)

How else do you explain some of the steps recently taken by the federal government that remove some of the formal mechanisms that have facilitated the increase in Indigenous voting? All Canadians should be concerned about this weakening of democratic processes.

That said, I think this is actually part of the reason why Indigenous people are becoming more interested in voting. They feel they are being intentionally targeted and will not stand for this type of treatment and disrespect.

(See the following link to Rick Mercer’s Rant on the “Fear Elections Act” for more on this topic. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqpW2Wnjcpg )