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During the 2006 campaign, I made a point to talk to all of the people we met and emphasize that I thought it was important to go out and vote – even if they didn’t vote for me.

I remember the first time I made this statement. We were in La Ronge and the members of my campaign team were shocked. I’ll always remember the looks on their face.

Later, they told me that I shouldn’t say things like that as we need every vote if we wanted to win. We were in an uphill battle with an incumbent MP who was very popular in the Reform, Canadian Alliance, Conservative corners of the riding. The Conservative Party of Canada was on a huge momentum run at this point in the general election and we really did need every vote we could get.

My point in sharing this is that I believe – first and foremost – that voting is critically important. If they vote for me, I would be honoured, but the message was to mobilize the vote regardless of who they vote for – that their voices are important and must be heard. I would do it again, if I were to ever run in the future.