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When I was a candidate, we were on the road constantly. Our goal was to get to as many communities and meet as many people as possible. We did door-to-door visits, attended community events and celebrations, organized meet-and-greets, town halls, debates and everything that we could.

The Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River Riding (DMCR for short) is huge. It is the size of the country of Germany, which has 80 million people while DMCR had a population of 40,000 engaged and interesting people in unique and very proud communities.

It was a continuous organizational challenge to try and get to as many communities as possible as some are very remote. But those voters and communities matter. Their issues are no less important than those in downtown Toronto or Saskatoon.

Many large and remote ridings are given little attention and this has to change.  If the Indigenous vote does make a difference in the federal election, this clearly means that rural and remote communities will get more attention.