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It is a popular theory that the key to victory is mobilizing the First Nation and Métis vote. But Elections Canada Voters Lists are, to put it nicely, a joke!

When I made the decision to run, I quickly had to undertake a lot of work and preparation to ensure that I was eligible to run and able to pull together a team to support the campaign. That team took shape with my wife Brenda and campaign manager Bonnie Leask.

One of our jobs was to analyze First Nation and Métis voter turnout over the last few elections. We viewed this as critical to our success if we were to have a chance to win.

Something of critical importance to note here on this topic: If you look at the Band Membership List you will see a listing of each eligible voter over the age of 18. Normally, these are the voters who vote in Chief and Council elections.

Most Chief and Council elections have 70-80% voter turnout and sometimes higher. Indigenous people are extremely political so this refutes one myth on why we don’t vote.

Yet the number of voters on Band List of Eligible Voters is much higher than the number on the Elections Canada Electoral List. Hmmmm…..so what does this mean? The problem might be the process, not the lack of political interest.