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The world of politics can be intimidating. Rules and laws confront you –and sometimes these are used to intimidate you not to run as a candidate or not to vote!

When I first looked into becoming a candidate, I found there was very little information available. You are on your own, expected to understand the rules, nuances and processes to give yourself the best chance to win.

While the rank-and-file community members in our Indigenous communities were extremely supportive, they were confronted with many of the same issues when it came to helping with my candidacy, organizing and, of course, voting.

There were a lot of days when all I could do was laugh at the challenges and keep going forward. As a candidate, you have to be prepared. Document everything, respect the rules and cover your (ass)ets at all times when it comes to raising money, spending money, coordinating volunteers and developing your campaign material. And more than anything, you have to work like you have never worked before.

Even registering to vote can seem like work, but don’t get discouraged. Your vote is critically important in our democratic system.