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Aboriginal Strategies

Leading natural resource companies, among others, are looking to leverage their supply chains to support Aboriginal business and community development. We work with supplier companies to help them identify and incorporate Aboriginal development initiatives in their own activities, improving their brands as preferred suppliers to industry. We work together to build Aboriginal Content Plans that help them attract and engage Aboriginal employees, support Aboriginal entrepreneurship, sub-contract product and services from Aboriginal suppliers, or invest in Aboriginal organizations and causes through donations and sponsorships.

Collaboration Agreements

Our team has facilitated the signing of several Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) and Collaboration Agreements between companies and Aboriginal communities in northern Saskatchewan and Western Australia, drawing on best practices in community engagement, effective stakeholder communications and the principles underpinning Duty to Consult.

GR Communications

We have had the privilege of collaborating with Aboriginal leaders to advance their business plans and community goals. Working together, we take their priorities and develop them into creative and compelling advocacy packages to engage policy makers and government decision-makers at all levels of government. Equipped with polished messages and presentation materials – and a Government Relations Strategy to focus their efforts – Aboriginal leaders can advocate effectively for the priorities and ambitions of their home communities.